Lake Cushman Booster Club General Meeting
Sept 5, 2012

The evening began with a great catered dinner of salmon or chicken. Thanks go to Patsy and Harvey Schulz for all their work.

The meeting opened with the pledge to the flag. The secretary and treasurer reports were accepted as submitted. The speaker for the evening was fighting fires and unable to contact us.

Upcoming events: Bingo will be held on Wednesday, September 26 at 7pm. Pop corn will be available and soda can be purchased. Highway clean up needs to be done. Dick Blewett will get a group together and set a date. A nominating committee needs to be set up to contact possible officers for 2013.

Organization Reports: Patsy Schulz of the food committee reminded us that October will be a pie baking contest. Need to bake 2 pies, I for tasting and the other for auction. Judging will be done by purchasing raffle tickets. The dinner that night will be beef stew, biscuits and dessert. November is the chili cook off with corn bread and dessert provided.

Stump Dump: Russ Sage-The weekend of September 8-9, from 8am to 4pm. Wood that grows is accepted, no lumber. Bill Sostrich will have forms to fill out for time spent gathering and bringing in the debris. Sixteen volunteers are available.

Block Watch: Tami Close-Our deputy reports that activity is down since he is more visible during the day time. Neighbors are watching out for neighbors.

Fire Department: Ken Weaver-calls are down by 50%. There have been 25 fire calls, 73 mutual aid calls, and 18 motor vehicle accidents. Volunteers are needed for the fire department.

Veteran’s Day: Frank Oster-The 3rd annual event will be held on November 10 at the Hoodsport fire hall.

Community Connections is holding a garage sale at the resort, September 21-22, 2012.

Jan Weatherly of the Lion’s Club spoke about possibly getting a group started in the Lake Cushman area. Lions are the largest service organization in the world with over 46,000. The motto is “we serve”, with 100% of money raised in the community staying in the community.

Raffles: Chip-n-dip was won by George Fisher, he drew a white chip and returned the $5 won. Two wine baskets were raffled off, one was won by George Fisher and the other by Jan Anderson.

Kathy Parker said that peanut butter and cereal is needed at the food bank.

Sue Creed is in the hospital and is doing well. She should be home by September 7.

Anniversaries –Fishers-49 years and Andersons 43 years. Birthdays- Roland Blewett is 52.

Meeting Adjourned.


Lake Cushman Booster Club General Meeting
Aug 1, 2012

The meeting started with the pledge to the flag, followed by a good picnic potluck. Thanks to Bill Wilson for doing the cooking, with the help of Sue Wilson bringing in the cooked burgers and dogs.

Guests were introduced. Harv Gadberry introduced their friends Bob and Sandy Davis from South Dakota.

The Secretary and Treasurer’s reports were accepted by the membership.

Russell Winger of the Washington State Patrol was the guest speaker for the evening. Russ is from the local area and works in Kitsap County. He was a road trooper for many years and now works as a public information director. His area covers 7 counties in western Washington with 700 troopers. The WSP Academy in Shelton is number one in the nation. Being a road trooper is a multi-tasking job. Impaired driving is the core mission of WSP, with drug interdiction being tops. Troopers are looking for multiple violations and work closely with other agencies for backup. In collision enforcement, you will be ticketed if fault is found. Most tickets are now done electronically, giving more time to do the job on the road. Tours are given at the Academy in Shelton.

Business:  A financial update was presented with a projection of $3100 for the year.

Organization Reports:  Food Bank-Kathy Parker let us know about the garage sale to be held August 3-4, 9am-3pm at the Hoodsport Fire Hall. The food bank appreciates all that the booster club donates.

Fisheries Survey-George Fisher reported that Fish and Wildlife is doing a fish count on Lake Cushman. They will be reporting types and numbers.

FireWise-There will be an ice cream social August 25 at the fire hall.

Burn Ban-LCMC is asking everyone to be aware of the fire danger and to have water available at all times.

Birthdays and anniversaries were announced.

Raffles – The raffle basket was won by Lorna Burgwin.  Chip n dip was won by Kathy Fagernes.

Meeting adjourned.


Lake Cushman Booster Club General Meeting
July 11, 2012

The meeting was opened with the Flag Salute, followed by a delicious steak dinner. A motion was made and seconded and passed to accept the Treasurer and Secretary reports as presented.

There was no scheduled meeting for the evening, instead each person in attendance introduced themselves and told a little about themself and what division they lived in.

Business: A request for a group to do the road clean-up, mile marker 5-7 was made. Lorna Burgwin agreed to chair the committee and received a number of volunteers.

Organization Reports: Sunshine Committee- Mary Fran Shelley reminded all that she and Patsy Schulz need to know if there is anyone who needs cheering up , birthday wishes, etc.

FireWise Council- The stump dump will be open July 14 and 15, 8am to 4pm for yard debris only. It is located in Division 16 near the power lines.

Save the Lakes-George Fisher reported that the lake level is 736’ and Tacoma City Light is continuing to collect snags in the Division 2 area.

Kiwanis-Carl Parker reported a very successful pancake breakfast held during the Hoodsport Days celebration.

Food Bank-In August they would like donations of cereals and meals in a can. They are serving approximately 119-130 families. There will be a garage sale on the last Saturday in July.

Community Connections-A garage sale will be held in mid August at the Resort.

Chip-n-Dip-The draw was won by Billie Cothran. She drew a white chip and donated the $5 back to the booster club.

Raffle-The raffle was won by Bill Wilson.

Next month dinner is hamburgers/hot dogs, buns, condiments and dessert provided by the booster club. The remainder to be potluck.


Lake Cushman Booster Club Minutes
June 6, 2012

The Flag Salute was done, followed by a catered Lasagna dinner.

The current officers were introduced and members were reminded to update emails so mailings can be sent out.

The secretary minutes and treasurer’s report were available for members to approve. Both reports were accepted by the membership.

The speaker for the meeting was Dan White of the Correctional Facility in Shelton.  Dan was in the military for 10 years and has been in corrections for 15 years. The facility houses all male offenders for an initial period of time. Offenders may spend 6-8 weeks at Shelton, where educational opportunities are available. The Shelton facility is #1 in the state for offenders receiving GEDs. The percentage of offenders that return to the facility is 40-60 percent. Juveniles are limited and usually sent to Green Hill. There are 6 receiving units at the facility and 2 general population units that house 240 offenders each. There are many custody levels and many variables that determine the level. Maximum-23 hours lock up and 1 hour out; closed-controlled movement; medium-more freedom of movement; minimum-in the community or on work crews. Volunteers are needed in 150 various areas

Business: The booster club needs to schedule a road clean up, from mile marker 5-7.  Bonnie Blewett  will chair the group and schedule a time.

Organizational Reports: FireWise – The chipper day was held on May 5, Donations were slim, so help is needed. The June 6  chipper day has been cancelled.

Save the Lakes – George Fisher asked everyone to attend the annual meeting on June 9.

Community Connections – Dick Blewett reminded everyone about the garage sale at the resort on     June 9. It will run 8am to 4pm.

Flood Zone– Chuck Bevens reported that the commissioners said the dollars were needed. Nothing in Lake Cushman is in a flood zone area. We are temporarily removed from the flood zone. 70.6 Percent of the revenue was received from the Lake Cushman area.

Kiwanis – Carl Parker let us know about the Life Celebration, July 6-8. There will be a community breakfast and vendor spaces are available.

Hoodsport Trails – Terry Brazil reported that a $56,000 grant has been received for the trails. 4H kids will plant 7000 trees in the fall to replace the trees that have been removed.

Chip-n-Dip: Rick Anderson’s ticket was drawn for the pull. He pulled the red chip and won $548.  Rick donated ½ of the winnings ($274) back to the booster club.

Winners of the Silent Auction bids were awarded.


Lake Cushman Booster Club Minutes
May 2, 2012

The evening started with the Pledge to the Flag, followed by a Cinco de Mayo Potluck.

The Secretary and Treasurer’s reports were accepted as printed.

The speakers for the evening were Chuck and Jan Morris, who are in the process of setting up The Hardware Distillery in Hoodsport. There will be no product available until it is a fully functioning distillery because of state laws. Federal permits have been obtained.  The whiskeys produced will be made from beer; there will be some fruit types also. The distillery will be open during the Hoodsport 4th of July celebration for tours. There will be a separate tasting room that will allow a person 2oz. per day and the distillery area will be roped off. There will be no food service because of complications with state laws. When the distillery is operational a closed fermentation process will be used and it will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the summer. Winter months will be brewing months. In the beginning non-aged product will be produced, in a year or two there will be fairly early age whiskey produced. The wheat and barley used will be from Washington State.

Business: Tami Close spoke about the Services Auction. This will be a major fund raiser for the booster club. The services offered were displayed on the overhead. All items will be silent auctions.

Organization Reports: Block Watch – Tami and Carlos Garcia thanked the booster club for the new signs. Some of the old signs will have an overlay of the new logo. Community Connections was also thanked for their donation. Decals for homes are available for $1

FireWise – Bill Sostrich reminded people of the May 5 chipper day. So far 30 people have signed up. Donations will be accepted for this service. Address markers are still available.

Save the Lakes – George Fisher reminded us of the annual meeting, June 9. Lake level May 2, 2012 -728’. It should be at 735’ by Memorial Day and 738’ by early July. It might be possible to have tours of the power house regarding flows.

Kiwanis – Carl Parker thanked all for a successful Spring Fling.

Raffles:  Barb Christman won the draw, and pulled a white chip. She returned the $5 to the pot. Next time the draw will be 1 in 6 odds.

Raffle for two prime rib dinners at Eagle Creek was won by Donna Hellyer.

Birthdays and Anniversaries were announced.

Jan Anderson invited all to visit them in Mexico next year and that Rick is doing well  in his recovery. She reminded everyone that The Cabin is a family home.

Meeting adjourned.

Lake Cushman Booster Club Meeting

April 4, 2012

The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a catered dinner of baked potatoes with many toppings and a yummy dessert. Thanks to all who helped make this possible.

The secretary and Treasurer reports were available and were approved as printed.

The speaker for the evening was Patrick Palmer. He spoke about the Skokomish Park at Lake Cushman. The park is a land trade in a settlement with Tacoma City Light and the Skokomish tribe. Many rumors abound as to what will be done with this property. It will be a public park and will have an educational facility. Many improvements have been made to the park and it is hoped that the boat lunch will be opened the weekend of April 7-8. The park will be open on May 1. If anyone wants to visit before the opening, call and ask for a tour. An eagle scout is refurbishing the theater area to be used for family movie nights for people staying in the park. To make Saltwater Park will remain as is with a fish hatchery going in behind the rest room area.


1st Bingo night will be April 19, 7-9pm. Ten games for $8, with a $20 prize for each game. Popcorn will be provided with soda and water available for $1 each.

The services auction will be held in June with both silent and live auctions.

A meeting will be held April 10 in Shelton regarding the removal of the Lake Cushman area from the flood zone.

Organization Reports:

Block Watch—Dawn Kladerman, showed the new signs  that will go up. Some of the older signs will be moved into division areas. A neighborhood watch sign for homes is available for $1.

Firewise—Bill Sostrich, May 5 is the first chipper day. Need to sign up. Can take up to 5” for chipping.

Save the Lakes—George Fisher, thanks for supporting STL. Annual meeting is June 9, 1pm at the fire hall. April 4 lake level is 714’.

Fire District 18 Auxiliary—Sue Creed, meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 10am. There will be a bake sale on April 7 in conjunction with the Easter egg hunt at Lake Kokanee.

Kiwanis—Carl Parker, Spring Fling dinner and auction is April 21. Tickets are available for the raffle.

Community Garden—Kathy Parker, the community garden will be in cooperation with the Hood Canal school, the food bank and the Kiwanis organization. Help is needed in this endeavor.

 The new fire commissioner, Trudy Mischell, was introduced. There has been some vandalism in the parks. Call security if you notice vandalism.

Raffles: The chip n dip raffle was won by Norma Jefferies. She pulled a white chip and donated the $5 back to the club. There are now 6 white chips and one red in the pot.

The April raffle basket from Ila’s Gormet Foods was won by Pat McCormick.

The next Booster Meeting is May 2, 2012.

Join Us For Bingo!
Come join us for our first ever Booster Club Bingo evening! This is one of our major fundraisers and all proceeds will go to selected charitable and service organizations in our community.
-- DOORS OPEN AT 6:30, PLAY AT 7:00
PLEASE pass the word to neighbors and friends who might be interested!


Lake Cushman Booster Club Meeting
March 7, 2012

The evening started with the sign-in of those in attendance followed with the flag salute and the potluck dinner.

The Secretary’s minutes from the November 2011 meeting were approved by the membership.

The Treasurer’s report with activity since November 2011 to the present was approved by the membership.

The speaker for the evening was Sean Colpitts from the Sheriff’s office. Sean is the new deputy that replaces
Bill Reed for the Lake Cushman area. Sean has been with the Sheriff’s office for 4.5 years. He reported that meth activity has gone down. He will be chairing the Block Watch committee. When Sean is not on duty calls go to the sheriff on duty. He can only give minimal information on calls and cases. He gave a web site for any crime information. It is

New Business:

The web site for the booster club is

The 2012 proposed budget for the booster club was presented. This year our donations will be limited to the amount of money we are able to earn. We have to pay a sizable amount to reinstate our tax exempt status. The budget was approved by a show of hands of those in attendance.

A card is available with a list for the programs/speakers for the year. It also shows which meals are potlucks and those that are catered. Catered meals help raise funds as well as the raffles and other fund raisers held throughout the year.

This year we will try having 2 bingo nights—it will cost $8 for ten games.

We will also try a services auction. People will provide a service to be bid on, with the money going to the booster club.

Organization reports:
Block Watch—Tami Close—We still need captains in some areas.

Firewise Council—George Fisher—A sheet was available to sign-up if you want to have a chipper in your area. May 5 is the day for the chipper. Members are needed for this group. They are working on a message board in conjunction with the grocery store.

Save the Lakes Coalition—George Fisher—The lake level is a 701’ today. June 9 is the annual meeting.

Security—Thanks for the people doing cabin watches.

Fire District 18 Auxiliary—Sue Creed—Will start having meetings this month. They raise funds for the fire department with bake sales and also provide lunches when firefighters are called out.

Kiwanis—Carl Parker—Kiwanis is hosting the 12th Annual Spring Fling, April 21 at the school.

Fun Stuff: Raffle--$25 Gift Certificate for the Mexican Restaurant in Hoodsport was won by Lorna Burgwin. Dona Martinsen won the draw for the chip’a’dip and pulled a white chip. Next time there will be 7 white chips and the one red chip.

The next Booster Club meeting is April 4, 2012.

Jeanne Birney/LCBC Secretary